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Growing in business is directly proportional to utilizing every single chance you get on your way. Here, a chance means a client to you. Taking up the cases will eventually increase your revenue and generate more leads in the long run. But being with work may lead to losing some of the new clients. For example, there will be a situation where you could not answer a phone call from a new client to enquire about your law firm while being busy with another client’s work. Even though all you are doing is taking up and dealing with cases, you are losing new clients just because you are unable two manage two things at a time i.e., dealing with your current clients and assisting new clients. Just imagine how much revenue you can generate when you get all the cases without missing a single client. But how do we do that? Is it possible to know and make use of all your possibilities? Yes, with advanced call tracking and call forwarding software, all these can be possible without any magic. 

 Our is a one-stop solution for all your worries. We are a platform that connects lawyers with their clients with many other excellent features in one place. Other than just being a platform, we also provide you with our toll-free vanity number that will be exclusively licensed to you, which means no other lawyer or any person can have access to it. It is a proven fact that using vanity numbers will increase your business sales by 33%. In your case, you will be having a high chance of getting more client calls compared to the rest of the lawyers. Along with a vanity number, we will provide a bunch of services for you. These vanity numbers will not only increase your client calls but will also help you to manage difficult tasks such as communicating with your new client, managing your current client, etc. 

 Some of our best services include advanced call tracking, call recording, call forwarding and live chat for your law firm. These features will help you increase your client calls and at the same time in getting a good impression among the clients. 

  1. Call Tracking 

Ever missed a call because you are away from the phone or working on something or dealing with your client and later worried about missing a new client? These small problems should not stop you from achieving your goals. That is why we are to make sure you don’t miss a single client call with our call tracking software. 

 After a license is assigned to your vanity number, our call tracking system will track all the calls you are getting on that number. So even if you miss a call, our call tracking system will notify you of who has called and from where they are calling. You can even call back that person if you want to. This clearly helps you to grow your clients by getting back to them even if you missed them in the first place. 

  1. Call Recording

With continuous work and dealing with multiple clients at the same time, sometimes you tend to forget what a client said or even the whole conversation between you and your client. This should not happen in order to create a healthy relationship and for a smooth flow of the case. Our software will record all the calls answered by you. In this way, you can go back to those recorded calls if you want to hear them again and also use them as a reference for the case. This will reduce your stress of remembering every client’s details and issues at the same time and also saves a lot of time. 

  1. Call Divert/ Call Forwarding

There might be times when you are unavailable and couldn’t take calls because of network issues and all. You can forward or divert your calls to a particular number given by you if in case your vanity number did not get connected to the client. You can still answer your client calls while our call forwarding system takes care of the rest. 

  1. Live Chat System

We all know clients generally expect fast advice and quick response. But calling everyone for advice they need will cost your time and energy. To solve this problem, we have introduced a live chat option on our platform for you to communicate with your clients at your convenience. Here clients can directly send a text message about their queries. And also you can respond to them. Clients and lawyers both can send messages with the help of live chat. Here basically clients send messages to lawyers for information about basic things and lawyers can choose to answer or not answer depending upon the client and his/her queries. This will help you to make an impression in the minds of clients by responding quickly. This will also be quite useful to clients who seek fast advice and fast legal help.

  Our online platform for clients and lawyers will be fruitful for both. Lawyers can get our exclusive toll-free number licensed to them along with all the excellent services that are mentioned above such as call tracking, call recording, call forwarding and live chat option in order to make the communication between lawyer and client a little better. This will enhance your growth and will increase the number of clients you are getting. Generating more leads will increase your career and will eventually increase your revenue fourteen times efficiently. Publicizing your memorable number, quick assistance, and early responses will make your law firm more accountable than other law firms. This will make the clients feel trust your law firm. Building trust among clients is the fundamental step in any business and stand your law firm is among the other law firms with our toll-free vanity numbers and also our latest services.  




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